Welcome to Sartronics Software's website! We offer a number of specialised software applications. Here you will find information about our products. You can order a software online from this site, and download it immediately. We have tools for office or home use. To read more about a specific product, click on a link below.


 IoT Manager

Sartronics.com's IoT Master is a computer software program that Manages CoAP standard Internet of Things. It runs on a standard personal computer enabling a collection of IP IoT devices local to a site to be monitored and controlled.



 Mail Server

Sartronics.com's Peasy Mail Server is an easy to setup email server. It runs on MS Windows and Linux computers. It supports the standard IMAP interface to allow it to work with almost any mail client. Sartronics.coms Peasy Mail Server comes with its own mail client application. This is used to configure the mail server as well as function as a mail client to view and send email.



 Serial Analyzer

Sartronics.com's Serial Analyzer is an asynchronous serial communication protocol analyzer tool. It's purpose is to monitor and log the data on a serial communication channel, such as a RS232, RS485 or RS422. This tool displays the transmitted and received data, character timings as well as modem statuses. It makes is easy to reveal protocol errors or other communication problems.



 Peasy Copy Commander

Sartronics.com's Copy Commander is a utility tool, for easy copying or moving files and folders.



 Peasy Folder Synchronisation

Sartronics.com's Folder Synchronisation is a utility tool, for automatically updating the files in a folder across multiple local private computers. For example this enables work folders to remain in sync between laptops and desktops.



 Peasy Clipboard Manager

Sartronics.com's Clipboard Manager is a convenient tool, which captures the text that is copied to the clipboard. It can then be easily reviewed and previous text can be reselected.