Peasy Commander Manager's Peasy Copy Commander is a convenient tool for copying or moving files and folders. It is an improved File Explorer alternative. It has two file list windows side by side to make it easy to copy or move files and folders. It runs on Windows and Linux computers. It can then be easily reviewed and previous text can be reselected.



 Manages copying or moving computer files and folders with simplicity and ease.


Here are screen shots to view.


 For more information refer to the user manual.


 This application can be freely trialled with all it's features are fully functional. After the trial it must be licensed. The license applies to an individual and can be used on multiple computers.

 The registration cost is US$85.00.


The latest Peasy Copy Commander can be down loaded from the following links. To install the application just extract it from the zip file and run the install program. Note normally the install program can be run from within the zip file.


MS Windows (version 1.16).


Debian Linux (version 1.16)


Raspberry Pi-5 Debian (version 1.17)