IoT Master


With the Internet of Things (IoT) rapidly expanding and every day items getting smarter it is essential to have a good application to manage these devices.

For the office or home to get the maximum benefit from these devices use's IoT Manager.

Designed to monitor and control a mixture of different types of CoAP IoT devices.



Uses CoAP standard

Easy to set rules

Support BASIC

Supports encryption for high security

Works with numerous manufacture's devices


Here are screen shots to view.


See here to view a demonstration video.

For more information refer to the user manual.


This application can be freely trialled with all it's features are fully functional. After the trial it must be licensed. The license applies to an individual site ie a home or an office. The cost is based upon the number of devices that it suports. Prices are listed here.


The latest IoT application can be down loaded from the following links. To install the application just extract it from the zip file and run the install program. Note normally the install program can be run from within the zip file.


MS Windows (version 1.4).


Debian Linux (version 1.3)


Raspberry Pi-5 Debian (version 1.3)