's Peasy Mail Server's Peasy Mail Server is an easy to setup email server. It can run on MS Windows or Linux computers. All you need is an Word Wide Web internet connection and a fully qualified Web domain name. It supports the standard IMAP interface to allow it to work with almost any mail client. Sartronics.coms Peasy Mail Server comes with its own mail client application. This is used to configure the mail server as well as function as a mail client to view and send email.


This is an ideal application for small business as it handles an number of other features beyond a standard mail server, all from your own computer.




Supports IMAP interface.

Set up is all configured through a GUI.

Runs on MS Windows and Linux platforms.

Supports global mail sorting to direct mail into spam tray or to be forwarded on to another email recipients.

Supports individual mail sorting to direct mail into special mail trays or to be forwarded on to another email recipients.

Supports black list to refuse mail from an individual or web domain.

Supports white list to prevent mail from an individual or web domain from being considered as spam.

Supports automatic mail reply.

Supports inbox mail forwarding to another email recipients.

Supports sent tray mail forwarding to another email recipients.

Calendar appointments, complete with prewarnings and reminders.

Instant messaging with prescense indication.

Provides an easy to setup web server with support for online commerse.

Provides complete web access to mail account.


Here are Peasy Mail server screen shots to view.


For more information refer to the user manual.


This application program can be freely trialled. All it's features are fully functional, without restriction. However after the trial period it must be licensed in order to run. The license cost is based on the number of mail users connected at the same time. See the Cartpricing list. Please make sure you are satisfied with our product before making a purchase. Unfortunately we do not provide refunds. If you need more time to evaluate the product please contact us for a demo license.'s latest Peasy Mail server application can be down loaded from the following links. To install the application just extract it from the zip file and run the install program.Note normally on MS Windows systems the install program can be run from within the zip file.


MS Windows (version 1.39).


Debian Linux (version 1.39).


Raspberry Pi-5 Debian (version 1.40).